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SYSTEM Circuit Simulation Suite

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Lumerical’s system-level products includes all the tools needed to simulate photonics circuits and to generate compact libraries. You can use Lumerical's extensive documentation resources to learn more about specific features and provided elements. The navigation table below provides you an easy way to navigate directly to the documentation for the product, library or simulator of your interest.


You can also visit Applications Gallery to learn more about simulation methodologies for various multiphysics applications or engage in discussion with the Lumerical community on Knowledge Exchange.

Products in the Suite

INTERCONNECT Laser Library System Library CML Compiler

Documentation Navigation





Solver / Library

Schematic Design Environment


Photonic Integrated Circuit Simulator

S-Parameter Simulator

Transient Sampled Mode Simulator

Transient Block Mode Simulator

Standard Element Library

Laser Library

Advanced Laser Modeling Extension

Laser Library

System Library

Advanced System Modeling Extension

System Library

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