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Parameter Sweeps, Optimization and Monte Carlo Analysis

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This section describes the way in which the parameter sweeps, optimization, yield analysis, and S-parameter matrix sweeps are set up. These features allow users to automate the process of finding desirable parameter values by running a large number of simulations. A brief description of each feature is included in this page. For additional information about each feature, please visit their corresponding pages.

Table of contents



Parameter Sweeps

Sweep scripting commands

Nested Sweeps

Running parameter sweeps without the CAD

Sweep analysis for dispersion

Parameter sweeps are useful for finding the optimum value and sensitivity of the design performance to certain parameters.



Optimization scripting commands

Particle Swarm Optimization

Optimization is done by running a large number of simulations with an advanced optimization algorithm. This particularly useful if there are multiple parameters to optimize.


Monte Carlo analysis

Monte Carlo scripting

The Monte Carlo analysis tool runs extensive Monte Carlo analysis, sweeping across multiple parameters. This can be useful for assessing variations of component-level simulations, and on an overall circuit performance.


S-parameter matrix sweep

The S-parameter matrix sweep tool can be used to automate the extraction of the S-parameters of a device for specified input and output ports and modes of the device. One simulation needs to be run using each port mode as a source to obtain the S-parameter matrix where elements of the matrix are obtained from the "S" result from the port objects.


S-parameter results can be exported to INTERCONNECT in a file format compatible with the Optical N-Port S-parameter element.


This tool is only available in FDTD Solutions.



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