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Schematic editor

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The image below shows the Schematic Layout Editor (depending on the product, there may be small differences).  This editor is the graphical interface to the simulation engines, it is used to setup simulations, analyze results, and to run all scripts. In the screenshot below, different regions of the schematic layout editor are labeled. They include:

Main Title Bar

View Ports and Full View

Properties, Ports and Results

Element Tree and Element Library

Script Prompt/Output and Script Editor




1.Main Toolbar: File, edit, view, simulation, and help menus


Edit Toolbar: The edit toolbar contains tools used to edit (E)  duplicate (C), delete (Del) and auto-connect ports (Alt+ C) simulation elements.

Mouse Mode Toolbar: The mouse mode toolbar buttons change the functionality of the mouse.

Alignment Toolbar: The alignment toolbar consists of buttons that control the way in which objects can be accurately positioned with respect to other objects.

Simulation Toolbar: The simulation toolbar contains tools to run and stop the simulation, as well as switch to design mode.

Scope View Toolbar: The view toolbar includes the zoom extent (X) button, which is a quick way to zoom out to show the entire circuit.


Property View window: The Property View window shows the properties of the selected element.

Port View window: The Port View window shows the ports of the selected element.

Element Tree window: The Element Tree window shows all simulation elements in the current scope.

Result View window: The Result View window shows the results of the selected element.

Schematic Editor window: The Schematic Editor window is where users drag and drop elements and conduct circuits.

Script Prompt window: The Script Prompt window executes commands as soon as the ENTER key is pressed on the command line.

Output window: The output prompt window shows the simulation progress as well as warning/error messages in any of the elements in the current simulation.

Full View window: The Full View window shows the entire schematic of the selected view port.

Script Workspace: The Script Workspace shows all the variables in the current scripting environment.

Script Favorites: The Script Favorites window allows users to define their own favorite script commands and run them from the graphical user interface.

4.Function tabs

Element Library: The Element Library is where all the elements stored.

Script File Editor: The Script File Editor allows user to execute a set of commands in a script file. Script editor window contains buttons to create, open, save, and run script files.

Optimization and Sweeps: The Optimization and Sweeps tool is the graphical tool for setting up and running parameter sweeps, optimization, or Monte Carlo analysis tasks.


Windows can be closed off by clicking on the cross button on the upper left corner and can be opened up by going to the View/Windows drop down menu and checking the corresponding window name. Tool bars and windows can be grabbed, moved around and rearranged according to users' preferences. Please refer to the Using the schematic editor page for more information.  


For tips on how to use the schematic layout editor, see Using the schematic editor.



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