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Script Workspace and Script Favorites

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The Script Workspace shows all the variables in the current scripting environment. The variables' current values as well as the corresponding dimensions are shown in a list format. Users can use the Visualizer to visualize any variable listed in the Script Workspace by right-clicking on the variable and selecting "Visualize".




The icons in the script workspace above shows that while "sigmaabs" and "sigmascat" are parameterized matrix datasets (since they were the results returned directly by the cross section analysis groups), "sigmaext" is a result that we defined in the script, and is therefore a simple un-parameterized matrix. For example, simply right-clicking on sigmaext and selecting "Visualize" will generate the following plot in the Visualizer:



Here, the extinction cross section is plotted as a function of the index value. To associate it with the corresponding frequency array, select the "Create visualization" option, which will open the "Visualization Creator" dialog window:




This window allows users to set the name of the parameterized variable (sigmaext_vs_f) and its parameters (f). Once this is defined, the visualization creator will generate the commands necessary for creating the parameterized dataset in the Script Favorites window. When this command is ran, it will send the new parameterized variable to the Visualizer, which will plot the variable as a function of the user specified parameter.


Generated Command

Generated Command

Generated Figure

Generated Figure

In addition to the commands generated by the visualization creator, the Script Favorites window also allows users to define their own favorite commands by selecting "New command" and "Edit".

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