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The icon_components button includes options to open the object library with a few preset categories. Components are more complicated structures that are built from one or several primitives. Common parameters are available to be adjusted. These pre-built Structure groups enable users to quickly setup common (but often difficult to construct), simulation environments.


The preset categories are:


icon_comps_ext Extruded polygons

Polygons allow the user to define a custom object with a variable number of vertices. The location of each vertex can be independently positioned within a plane, and the vertices are connected with straight lines. These shapes are extruded in the z dimension.


icon_comps_io Integrated optics

This category includes various shapes of waveguide paths. For 3D simulations, the sidewalls can be vertical or angled.


icon_comps_pc Photonic crystals

Photonic crystals are optical nanostructures that are either rectangular or hexagonal periodic. This category includes PC waveguides and PC cavities.


icon_comps_gratings Gratings

Gratings are a regularly spaced set of elements which can have polarizing, reflecting, or coupling effects.


icon_comps_surf Surface ( FDTD only)

This category contains examples of surface objects defined by equations.


icon_comps_other More choices

There are many more categories of components available that are constantly being updated.

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