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The icon_analysis button includes options to open the object library with a few preset categories. Analysis objects allow you to group monitors (similar to structure groups) and to analyze that monitor data. For example, a set of monitors can be grouped together to form a closed box. From the raw monitor data, the group can calculate quantities like cross sections and far field projections.

Farfield Projections

The analysis groups in the Farfield projections category provide options to calculate the farfields using the nearfield data of monitors.

This is only available in FDTD.

Optical Power

This category includes analysis groups for calculation of transmission of power through a monitor or box of monitors as well as options to calculate absorption.

Resonators and modal analysis

This category includes analysis groups for post processing of resonator simulation results to calculate quantities such as the Q factor as well as modal area/volume anaylsis.

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There are many more categories of components available that are constantly being updated.

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