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This command will cause the wizard window to wait until the user selects OK or Cancel. It then returns value data from the matrix in a N+1 length matrix, where N is the number of widgets (excluding labels) in the current wizard page.


Supported Product: MODE




out = wizarddata;

The values of out are

out(1) = 0, 1 or -1. 0 means the user pressed Cancel, 1 means the user pressed the first button (typically "OK" or "Next") and -1 means the user pressed the second button (typically "Back")

out(2:N+1) gives the numeric values that the user entered for each input field when out(1) is 1. Note that check boxes return 1 if checked and 0 if unchecked. Menu items return a number between 1 and M where M is the number of choices in the menu. If out(1) is 0 or -1, all the values out(2:N+1) are zero.



See the newwizard page for an example.


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