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Returns the source normalization spectrum used to normalize data in the cwnorm state for the partial spectral averaged quantities. See the Units and normalization - Spectral averaging section for more information.


If the source time signal of the jth source in the simulation is sj(t), and N is the number of active sources then



Partial spectral averaging uses a Lorentzian weighting of the following form. Delta is the FWHM of |h|2.



If this function is called without any arguments, it returns



Supported Product: FDTD, MODE




out = sourcenorm2_pavg( f, delta);

This function returns the source normalization for partial spectral averaged quantities.

out = sourcenorm2_pavg( f, delta, "sourcename");

This function makes it possible to perform the normalization using the spectrum of one source, rather than the sum of all the sources.



Please refer to sourcenorm and Spectral averaging - Usage


See Also

sourcenorm, sourcenorm2_avg, sourcepower_pavg, cwnorm, nonorm, Units and Normalization, Spectral averaging

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