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Returns the partial spectral average intensity injected into the simulation by the source. The partial average intensity is equal to the partial average power divided by the source area. See the sourcepower_pavg command and the Units and normalization - Spectral averaging section for more information.


Supported Product: FDTD, MODE




out = sourceintensity_pavg (f,df);

Returns the spectrally averaged source power as defined above. The quantity f is the frequency and the quantity df is the frequency range around which the averaging is performed, both in Hz.

out = sourceintensity_pavg(f,df, option);

The additional argument, option, can have a value of 1 or 2. If it is 2, the data is unfolded where possible according to the symmetry or anti-symmetric boundaries if it comes from a monitor that intersect such a boundary at x min, y min or z min. The default value of option is 2.

out = sourceintensity_pavg(f,df, option, "sourcename");

This function makes it possible to perform the normalization using the spectrum of one source, rather than the sum of all the sources.



Please refer to sourceintensity and Spectral averaging - Usage


See Also

sourcenorm2_pavg, sourcepower, sourcepower_avg, transmission_pavg, cwnorm, nonorm, Units and Normalization, Spectral averaging

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