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Initializes a FIR filter using the current s-parameters.


Supported Product: INTERCONNECT





Initializes a FIR filter (with the specified number of taps) using the current s-parameters.


"window" is the window function used by the FIR.

window =  "rectangular", "hamming" or "hanning".


tap_estimation = 1, the fitting will iterate from number of taps to max_taps to find the best fit with the given input tolerance.

tap_estimation = 2, the fitting will use the group delay value of the filter (if available).

tap_estimation = 0, or false, tap_estimation is disabled.



#set the fir "hamming" filter with 64 twps

setfir("hamming", 64, 1, 1e-4, 256); 


See Also

setsparameter, setiir

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