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Associates a DFT monitor with a mode expansion monitor.


Supported Product: FDTD, MODE





List all monitors under the "Monitors for expansion" list for the selected mode expansion monitor.

setexpansion("name", "dft_monitor");

Adds the "dft_monitor" to the "Monitors for expansion" list of the selected mode expansion monitor, with the specified name.



Please open ring_resonator.fsp from the ring resonator example and do the following.


drop2  ::model::drop2

in  ::model::in

through  ::model::through

drop  ::model::drop

It shows all the 4 DFT monitors to be expanded.


For the same file, type in

 setexpansion("test", "in");

Then the DFT monitor "in" is added to the list of the "expansion" monitor with the name of "test".


Type in removeexpansion("test") the "test" is removed from the list.


See Also

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