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This command can be used to determine the current status of automatic redrawing. It can also be used to set the current status of automatic redrawing. The graphics will be redrawn after any script command that may change the properties of a graphical object.


Supported Product: FDTD, MODE, DEVICE




out = redrawmode;

The value of out indicates if automatic redrawing is off or on

out=1: automatic redrawing is on

out=0: automatic redrawing is off

out = redrawmode(in);

Set the automatic redrawing off or on. To turn it on, use in=1. To turn it off, use in=0. The value of out is set after executing the command so that out=in once this command has been executed.



This example uses redrawmode to turn automatic redrawing off, then restore automatic redrawing to the state it had before executing this script.

redraw_state = redrawmode;



for(i=1:60) {







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