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This command performs an elliptical viewing orbit of the structure in the perspective view. Note that the commands setview, getview and redraw make it possible to create any type of orbit you would like in your own script file.


Supported Product: FDTD, MODE, DEVICE





Performs an orbit of the current perspective view.


Performs an orbit with the specified minimum zoom factor. By default the zoom factor is 1.5.

orbit(zoom_factor, frame_rate);

Performs an orbit with the specified frame rate specified in frames per second. The default frame rate is 15.

orbit(zoom_factor, frame_rate, "filename");

The orbit will be streamed to the mpeg file filename for later viewing.




Type in orbit in prompt you will see that the perspective view is in rotation for  a period of time.


See Also

Manipulating objects, setview, getview, framerate

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