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Interpolates a data set in 3D from a tetrahedral to a rectangular grid. The data can be complex.


This function is typically used for resampling data evaluated originally in a finite element mesh (monitor data from DEVICE, for example) to a new rectilinear grid.






out = interptet(tet, vtx,u, xi, yi,zi,extrap_val);

Does a tetrahedral to rectilinear interpolation of a function and outputs a PxQxR array of interpolated values, f(xi,yi,zi).

u is existing data of the finite element mesh (Nx1)

xi, yi and zi are arrays with length P, Q and R, respectively. They specify the points where u is to be sampled on the rectilinear mesh, in the x-direction, y-direction and z-direction

tet is the connectivity array, Mx4, containing row entries that index the 4 vertices of M tetrahedra. Taken from the simulation region

vtx is a matrix with the vertices of the tetrahedral mesh, Nx3, containing row entries of (x,y,z) pairs. Taken from the simulation region

extrap_val(optional): if an interpolation point is outside of the finite element mesh, the point will be assigned this value (default is Inf)



See the example for the interptri script function.


See Also

quadtet, quadtri, interptri




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