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Gets information about the contours between different domains in an unstructured (finite-element) dataset.  The dataset must contain the "ID" attribute (a unique identified for each domain in the finite-element mesh generated by DEVICE).  


Supported Product: FDTD, MODE, DEVICE




A = getmeshcontours(dataset);

Returns information about the contours between different domains of the unstructured dataset named "dataset".  The output is provided as a cell array.  Each entry is a struct with three fields:


ID:  An integer ID that is unique for that contour.

adjacent:  Two integers representing the IDs of the adjacent domains.

elements:  For 2D, Nx2 array and for 3D, Nx3 array of integers that are the indexes to the vertices for each face on the boundary.



The script commands below will get the contour information for the "grid" dataset (available after calculating the finite-element mesh in DEVICE).

mesh("CHARGE");  # calculate the mesh in DEVICE using the CHARGE solver

grid = getresult("CHARGE","grid");  # get the mesh information ("grid" dataset)

contours = getmeshcontours(grid);


# get the ID of the first contour

ID_1 = contours{1}.ID;


# get the ID of the two adjacent domains (ID = 0 means external boundary) 

domains_1 = contours{1}.adjacent;


# get the index of vertices forming the first contour

vertices_1 = contours{1}.elements;


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