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Sets the parameters available in the Far field settings window for far field calculations. To get the available parameters for far field settings, as is shown below, right click on a frequency-domain field monitor and visualize the far field. then select the Far field settings.




Supported Product: FDTD, MODE (varFDTD)




farfieldsettings("property", value);

Set the far field filter settings for far field calculations. These settings are applied to all far field projections.

Value can be a number or string. This function does not return any data.




farfieldsettings("far field filter",0.2);

farfieldsettings("override near field mesh",1);

farfieldsettings("near field samples per wavelength",5);


See Also

Near to far field projections, farfield2d, farfield3d, farfieldfilter, setanalysis (for farfield settings in FDE)

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