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The function farfieldpolar3d is similar to farfield3d, but it returns the complex electric fields, rather than field intensity. The data is returned as matrix of NxMx3 (if one frequency point is projected) or NxMxPx3 (if more than 1 frequency point is projected), where N and M are spatial indices, P is the number of frequency points, and the last index refers to Er, Eθ and Eφ, in spherical coordinates. The components Er, Eθ and Eφ are the complex components of the electric field vector. See the farfield3d documentation for information on interpreting ux, uy, na, nb for various monitor orientations.


Note: When viewing far fields from the GUI with the visualizer, three Attributes are available: E2, Ep, Es. E2 corresponds to |E|^2, Ep to Etheta, and Es to Ephi.


Supported Product: FDTD, MODE




out = farfieldpolar3d( "monitorname",...);

Returns the spherical complex electric fields. Same arguments as farfield3d.



See example in the farfield3d function description.


See Also

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