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Exports S-parameter results from an S-parameter sweep task to a .dat file which can be loaded by the Optical N-Port S-parameter element in INTERCONNECT.


Supported Product: FDTD





Exports S-parameter results from the specified S-parameter sweep task to a .dat file with specified file name in the current working directory.


If the maximum passivity over the frequency range is larger than 1.03 or the maximum reciprocity error over the frequency range exceeds 0.03, a warning message will appear in the script prompt when you export the data.


If a file of the same name already exists, the existing file will be overwritten.


This function does not return any data.



The following code can be used to export S-parameter data to a file called s_params.dat.

exportsweep("s-parameter sweep","s_params.dat");


See Also

addsweep, runsweep, getsweepresult, S-parameter matrix sweep

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