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Returns the complex coupling coefficient between two modes. The power coupling can be calculated with the overlap function, or by the following formula.



Reference: Allan W. Snyder and John D. Love, Optical Waveguide Theory. Chapman & Hall, London, England, 1983.


See the overlap function for more details about overlap and coupling calculations.


Supported Product: MODE


Note: coupling command is deprecated, consider using expand




out = coupling(mode2, mode1);

mode2, mode1: the mode names

out: the coupling coefficient

out = coupling(mode2, mode1, x, y);

Mode alignment can be adjusted before coupling is calculated.

x offset

y offset



This example shows how to use the overlap command to calculate the overlap and power coupling between two modes.




out = overlap("test_mode1","test_mode2");

?out(1);  # overlap

?out(2);  # power coupling


?coupling("test_mode1","test_mode2"); # the complex coupling coefficient

?abs(coupling("test_mode1","test_mode2"))^2; # same as out(2), the power coupling


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