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Clears mode data from selected FDTD port and ports in MODE Solutions' EME solver. For more information about the port object see Ports.


Supported Product: FDTD, MODE





Clears mode data from selected port.

This function does not return any data.



The following script adds a FDTD simulation region and port, then sets the name of the port, and selects the port modes then clears the selected port mode data.

# add objects

addfdtd; # add FDTD simulation region

addport; # add port


# set up port

set("name","input_port"); # set the name of the port

seteigensolver("bent waveguide",true); # set the solver to look for modes of a bent waveguide

seteigensolver("bend radius",10e-6); # set bending radius to 10 um

updateportmodes(1:2); # select the first 2 modes of the port


# clear the selected mode data



See Also

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