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Finds the mode with highest (best) overlap between the specified D-CARD and the currently calculated modes in the mode list. Returns the name of the mode with the best overlap. This function is used for tracking the desired mode during parameter sweeps using the FDE solver.


See the overlap function for more details about overlap and coupling calculations.


Supported Product: MODE




out = bestoverlap("test_mode");

Calculates the best overlap.

out: a string containing the name of the mode with the best overlap

test_mode: a string containing the name of a D-CARD mode



This example will calculate which of the current modes have the best overlap with the D-CARD named "test_mode". The effective index of the best mode is then returned.


mode_name = bestoverlap("test_mode");

neff = getdata(mode_name,"neff");


See Also

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