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Loads data from an fld file from BRO's ASAP. asapload creates a d-card structure called "fld_data" which contains all the data in the file. If "fld_data" exists, it will be called "fld_data_2". After loading an asapfile with asapload, you can extract any desired data., which can be

Ex, Ey, Ez, Hx, Hy, Hz, x, y, z

power, frequency, wavelength, index


Supported Product: FDTD, MODE





Select the file to load with the file browser.

This function does not return any data.

asapload( "filename");

Loads data from an fld file called "filename" without a file browser.



After loading the file, you can use ?showdata to see a list of all d-cards, or the variables in the d-card. Data can be extracted using the getdata function. For example, the real part of Ex can be imaged using the following code.




global monitors:




f wavelength index power x y z Ex Ey

Ez Hx Hy Hz 


Ex = getdata("fld_data","Ex");

x = getdata("fld_data","x"); 

y = getdata("fld_data","y"); 



See Also

System level, asapexport, asapimport, addimportedsource, fileexists

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