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Exports the desired monitor to a file for interfacing with BRO's ASAP. These files have the .fld extension. The monitor must be a frequency power or a frequency profile monitor.


Supported Product: FDTD, MODE




asapexport( "monitorname");

Export data from monitorname. By default, the first frequency point is exported.

This function does not return any data.

asapexport( "monitorname", f);

Exports the frequency point specified by the index f.

asapexport( "monitorname", f, "filename");

Exports to the specified "filename" without opening a file browser window.



Export data from monitor transmission to a .fld file for ASAP. The monitor had more than one frequency point, so the first point was exported by default.


Warning: prompt line 1: in asapexport: no frequency point was specified and the d-card has more than one.

The first is used by default.


See Also

System level, asapload, asapimport, addimportedsource

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