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Adds a new material to the material database given the material model or type and returns the name of the new material. For details on available material models see: Material permittivity models and Material conductivity models.


Supported Product: FDTD, MODE





Lists all available material models that can be added into the material database.

out = addmaterial("materialtype");

Adds a new material and returns the name of the new material. The argument "materialtype" has to match correct string exactly.



These commands add a new Conductive material, set the name to "aluminum", anisotropy to "Diagonal", and set the permittivity as well as conductivity properties for the material.



mymaterial = addmaterial("Conductive");


setmaterial("Aluminum", "Anisotropy", 1); # enable diagonal anisotropy

setmaterial("Aluminum","Permittivity", A);

setmaterial("Aluminum","Conductivity", B);


See Also

Material database, deletematerial, copymaterial, setmaterial, getmaterial

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