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Adds an import temperature source to the CHARGE solver (only applicable to non-isothermal transport).  The import temperature object can be used to import a temperature map for non-isothermal simulation.  A CHARGE solver region must be present in the objects tree for this command to work.


Supported Product: DEVICE





Adds an import temperature source to the CHARGE solver.  The source only gets applied if the "temperature dependence" is set to "non-isothermal."

This function does not return any data.


Once the import temperature source is created, the data can be imported from a matlab (.mat) file using the GUI or by assigning a dataset to the object using the importdataset script command. The dataset can either be in rectilinear or unstructured (finite-element) format.



The following script command will add an import temperature source and will load an analytic 3D temperature data into it.




# create coordinate vectors and 3D matrix for temperature map

x = linspace(0,1e-6,11);

y = linspace(-1e-6,1e-6,2);

z = linspace(0,2e-6,101);

T = matrix(11,2,101) + 400;  # assume the temperature is 400 K everywhere


# create dataset

temperature = rectilineardataset("temp",x,y,z);

temperature.addparameter("a",1);  # add a dummy parameter



# load data into source

select("CHARGE::Tmap");  # The source is a child of the solver region so the "CHARGE::" prefix in necessary



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