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Adds a heat source to the DEVICE simulation environment where the profile of the heat source can be imported from an external source.  For the CHARGE solver, the import heat source only gets applied if the "temperature dependence" is set to "coupled."


Supported Product: DEVICE





Adds an import primitive to define a heat source. This format of the command is only application when only one solver is present/active in the model tree.

This function does not return any data.


If multiple solvers are present then use the second format.


This format of the command will add an import heat source to the solver defined by the argument. The "solver name" will be either “CHARGE” or “HEAT.”


Once the import heat source is created, the data can be imported from a matlab (.mat) file using the GUI or by assigning a dataset to the object using the importdataset script command. The dataset can be in rectilinear or unstructured (finite-element) format.



The following script command will add an import heat source to the HEAT solver region and will load an analytic 3D heat data into it.




# create coordinate vectors and 3D matrix for heat input

x = linspace(0,1e-6,11);

y = linspace(-1e-6,1e-6,2);

z = linspace(0,2e-6,101);

Q = matrix(11,2,101) + 1e15;  # assume the heat input is 1e15 W/m^3 everywhere


# create dataset

heat = rectilineardataset("Pin",x,y,z);

heat.addparameter("a",1);  # add a dummy parameter



# load data into source

select("HEAT::Pin");  # The source is a child of the solver region so the "HEAT::" prefix in necessary



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