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Adds an import primitive to the simulation environment.  The import primitive can be used to create a 3D geometry by importing a surface, an image, or binary data.  It can also be used to create an n,k material.


Supported Product: FDTD, MODE





Adds an import primitive to the simulation environment.

This function does not return any data.



The following script commands will generate a surface data and then use the data to create a layer of glass whose top surface is defined by the generated data.

# generate a surface

nx = 50;

ny = 40;

x = linspace(-6,6,nx);

y = linspace(-5,5,ny);

X = meshgridx(x,y);

Y = meshgridy(x,y);

Z = exp(-(X^2+Y^2)/4^2) * sin(pi*Y/2);


# Remember that all units are SI. We defined the surface in microns

# so all lengths must be multiplied by 1e-6

x = x*1e-6; # switch to SI units

y = y*1e-6; # switch to SI units

Z = Z*1e-6; # switch to SI units



# create substrate layer with an import object


set("material","SiO2 (Glass) - Palik");


# upper surface and reference height


set("upper ref height",0e-6); 


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