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To provide photonic circuit designers with an efficient workflow similar to that of a traditional EDA design environment, it is necessary to have a design kit (DK) with libraries of photonic components that can be reliably manufactured. A process design kit (PDK) is a comprehensive collection of technology parameters, rules and compact models for a specific fabrication process at a particular foundry. Design kit compact models can accurately represent the circuit-level response of a variety of components that can be manufactured using this process and foundry. This means that IC designers can use these models in a circuit-level SPICE simulation without in-depth knowledge of the component-level detail and the fabrication process. This separation allows for a very fast and efficient method of virtual prototyping.


INTERCONNECT offers licensed features that enable secure generation and use of customized compact model libraries (CMLs). These features can be used to generate calibrated CMLs, and distributed them with foundry PDKs, or to efficiently protect and distribute internally developed custom element libraries among different design groups or customers.


NOTE: The Custom and Design Kits folders support automatically update from folder and from design GUI since 2019a R3 release.


This section describes how to create a compact model (CM), how to package and publish CMLs, and how to install them to the Design Kits element library folder in INTERCONNECT.


A reference circuit  

A reference circuit



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