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Knowledge Base

Lumerical is a recognized leader in the fields of optoelectronic device simulation and photonic integrated circuit design.  Our optoelectronic device and circuit simulation products are used at hundreds of locations in more than 30 countries around the world, and have been used in more than 900 scientific publications.  Learn more about our solvers in this chapter.


Solver name



Finite Difference Eigenmode Solver


The Finite Difference Eigenmode solver calculates the spatial profile and frequency dependence of modes by solving Maxwell's equations on a cross section of the waveguide.

Variational FDTD Solver


2.5D variational FDTD propagation method for simulating light propagation in optically large planar integrated optical components.

Eigenmode Expansion Solver


The EME method is a fully vectorial and bi-directional technique to solve Maxwell's equations. The methodology relies on the modal decomposition of electromagnetic fields into a basis set of eigenmodes, which are computed by dividing the geometry into multiple cells and then solving for the modes at the interface between adjacent cells.  Scattering matrices for each section are formulated by applying boundary conditions at the interface between each section. The solution to each section is then propagated bi-directionally to calculate the total transmission and reflection of the device, as well as the final field profile.


Optical toolbox functions



Eigenmode propagate script command

A unidirectional eigenmode expansion method is available via the propagate script command.  This command calculates the resulting output mode profile of an arbitrary input mode after it has propagated through a waveguide for some distance.

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