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MODE Finite Difference IDE

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MODE Finite Difference IDE

Solvers: FDE, EME, varFDTD


The MODE Finite Difference IDE reference manual provides detailed descriptions of product and solver features.  


You may also find the FDE 100, EME 100 and varFDTD 100 courses to be helpful. They are self paced introductory courses intended for beginner to intermediate users with a focus on providing an understanding of the solver physics, simulation workflow and data analysis.



Learn more about the solvers and related topics


Layout editor

Learn how to use the 3D graphical CAD layout editor.


Material properties

This chapter explains how to define the material properties that will be used in your simulations.


Simulation objects

Learn more about the simulation objects (ie. structures, sources, simulation region) used to define a simulation.


Parameter sweeps

Learn how to run parameter sweep, optimization and yield analysis tasks.


Result analysis

Learn how to access and analyze simulation data.



Learn how to transfer data between other solvers and products

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