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Material Properties

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Material database (optical)

Getting material data from the database

The Materials Database allows you to manage (create, modify, delete) the materials that are available for use in your simulations.

Material explorer (optical)

Material explorer for varFDTD

The Material Explorer is used to check the material fits that will be used in the simulation.

Material permittivity models

Creating sampled data materials

Creating lossless materials

n,k material model

Analytic material model

Importing arbitrary dispersive models

This section describes the permittivity (or refractive index) material models supported by the Material Database. See this section for information on the available material models, such as Sampled data, plasma, lorentz, etc.

Material conductivity models

This section describes the surface conductivity (or resistivity) material models supported by the Material Database.

Advanced material models

Flexible material plugin framework

Users can define their own plugin material models written in C++.

Anisotropic materials

Grid attribute tips

LC rotation

Permittivity rotation

Matrix transformation

In this section, we will provide some tips for simulations with anisotropic materials.

Mesh order (optical)

Creating lossless materials

Simulations with Silver

This section describes some miscellaneous and tips regarding optical simulations.

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