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Between Lumerical products

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lumerical logo 2-1_zoom15Use the Lumerical automation API to automate complex workflows. See the Mach-Zehnder modulator example and the interop script commands for more information.  


In addition to the Lumerical API, a variety of other interoperability methods are available, as listed below.  

Run from the command line

In some situations, it may be useful to run a Lumerical application (either the GUI or solver engine) from the command line.  For more details please see running from the command line.

Transferring data via files

A wide variety of file formats can be used to transfer data, depending on the application of interest.

Geometry transfer with Copy and Paste

Copy/Paste is available for structure objects between FDTD Solutions and MODE Solutions. If the object material is not in the default material database, it will automatically be added upon pasting into the new simulation file. This does not include analysis groups and monitors.


Copy/Paste is available for structure objects between FDTD Solutions, MODE Solutions and DEVICE; however, materials are not transferred to the DEVICE material database, since the electrical properties of materials are different from the optical properties. The user will have to manually specify the material in the new simulation upon pasting. Custom primitives, analysis groups and monitors can not be coped/pasted.



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