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Knowledge Base

Lumerical is a recognized leader in the fields of optoelectronic device simulation and photonic integrated circuit design.  Our optoelectronic device and circuit simulation products are used at hundreds of locations in more than 30 countries around the world, and have been used in more than 900 scientific publications.  Learn more about our solvers in this chapter.


Solver name



Transient Sample Mode Simulator


Bidirectional time domain photonic integrated circuit (PIC) solver. In Sample Mode, each invocation of an element accepts one sample from each input port of the element and produces one sample on each output port. The data flow simulator allows more flexibility than traditional discrete time or time-driven simulators. Sample Mode is recommended for closed-loop systems.

Transient Block Mode Simulator


Bidirectional time domain photonic integrated circuit (PIC) solver. In Block Mode, a waveform from each input port are mapped to a waveform on output ports, where a waveform is defined as a block of N samples. In Block Mode, the simulation progresses element by element, and typically each element calculates only one block, this means the element only run once. Block Mode is recommended for open-loop systems.

S-Parameter Simulator


Bidirectional frequency domain photonic integrated circuit (PIC) solver. The frequency domain response of each element is represented by a scattering matrix, and the overall response of the system is calculated by solving a sparse matrix representation of the circuit.

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