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Microsoft Azure allows us to run Lumerical photonic design simulations using on-demand, high-performance cloud computing systems. Compatibility of Lumerical’s products with Microsoft Azure provides us with accessible, cost-effective and scalable computing infrastructure to perform larger volumes of simulations to design and optimize next-generation optoelectronic components, circuits and systems.

Sign up for a Microsoft Azure account

Create a Microsoft Azure account. This can be done as part of your Office365 account or as a separate service.

You will be asked to provide Credit Card information, which will be used to bill you later for charges when using your Azure Virtual Machines.

Please follow the wizard when creating your Microsoft Azure account.

Product licensing considerations

Product licensing is an important consideration when running on cloud based infrastructure.

A Floating license is required.


Two main options are available:

1.Run your Lumerical License Manager on Azure (recommended)

In this first option, the license manager runs on one of your Azure VM's.  This configuration is typically easier to setup, but the following considerations are important to keep in mind:

Floating MAC locked licenses, secured with a MAC address and activated with a license file, is used when the license manager is running and hosted in Azure.

However, when using Floating MAC locked licenses, it is very important to ensure that your MAC address is not released when you stop or terminate your instance.  
Once the Network Interface is released, you can't get the same MAC address again and your license will not work.  

Trusted Storage licenses are not recommended for use on Azure or on cloud computing services as this license type does not allow changes to your machine size.
Contact Lumerical for information on converting your license to a MAC lock license.


See also:

Floating MAC Locked License


2.Run your License Manager on a computer in your local network

In this second scenario, the Lumerical License Manager runs on a local computer in your office.  

Lumerical software running on an Azure VM must be configured to connect to the Lumerical License Manager running in your office.

This configuration is convenient because it means that licenses don't need to be activated on an Azure virtual machine.  

It also tends to simplify the process of sharing licenses between local and cloud based computers.

The cloud based computers can be stopped anytime and the local computers in the local network can continue to use the software with access to the license on the local network.  

However, one important technical challenge with this configuration is that the Azure VMs must be able to connect to the computer in your local network that is running the License Manager.  

This typically requires additional configuration by an IT or network administrator.


Azure charges are based on the amount of time used. More details can be found on the Microsoft Azure Pricing.

Lumerical’s licenses can be run on cloud compute resources. To discuss your simulation and cloud computing needs, or to request a quote, contact

Next steps

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