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The Lumerical startup scripts are automatically run each time the application starts up and they can be used to configure the global environment. There are 4 startup scripts covering all possible combination of:



oall-products (shared)



The startup scripts will run in the following order: shared startup script $(PRODUCT) startup script

3.local shared start-up script

4.local $(PRODUCT) start-up script


Users can bring up, initialize and modify the startup scripts by using the "Open startup scripts" button in the "File" drop-down menu from the products. This will open all the possible startup script for each product.



Once created, the startup scripts will be located in the following places:




C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Lumerical\startup script.lsf

C:\Program Files\Lumerical\2019b\Lumerical\startup script.lsf


~/.config/Lumerical/startup script.lsf

INSTALL_DIR/Lumerical/startup script.lsf

Mac OS

/Users/[USERNAME]/.config/Lumerical/startup script.lsf

Not available on macOS

NOTE: local config is automatically created, but global config needs to be created manually.


Users can also create and modify the startup script files by going to the above mentioned locations and create/modify the files manually. The 0 byte startup scripts will not run on the application start ups.

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