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The Floating MAC locked license model is typically used as a backup when there are problems with the default Trusted Storage locking method.  

Additionally, customers that want to manage their Lumerical licenses with an existing FlexNet lmgrd license manager require this license model.

This license model requires the installation of Lumerical's FlexNet license manager and the MAC Address of the machine where license manager will be installed and activated.

A License File will be provided to activated this license model. This license file is activated offline.




Administrator access is required.

Floating licenses allow users to access their licenses on any computer in the network.

This license model is typically used for customers with existing FlexNet license manager installations, or for customers that experience technical problems with the Trusted Storage license model.

This license model uses a file (.lic) base license.

These licenses are locked to the computer hardware and cannot be moved to a different computer.

License is activated offline.


FlexNet license manager installation

Importing the license file

Product installation

Configure product license

License availability

Transferring license


FlexNet license manager installation

Please refer to the installation procedure for your Operating System from our FlexNet license manager install guide.

Importing the license file (Done Offline)

Using the FlexNet license manager dashboard

1.This process is done on the computer where the license manager is installed.

2.Go to the Vendor Daemon Configuration on your FlexNet Publisher Dashboard, or by simply visiting the following link: http://localhost:8095/vendor

3.You will be asked to Sign In with an administrator user name and password, which are both set to 'admin' by default.

4.Click the Import License button

FlexNet Publisher

5.Then, click Choose File / Browse and located the license file that you have received from us.


6.Click the Import License button If the update is successful, you will see messages in green that notify you that the update has been done successfully.

7.You will be required to restart your Lumerical Flex License Manager for the changes to take effect. Please see the Restart License Manager on how to do this.

8.You can verify the status of your licenses by opening the FlexNet publisher dashboard.


Note: If your new license is a license extension or renewal of your previous license that is still valid, your new license will not be available right away. Once your existing license expire, then the new license will show on the dashboard and be available for checkout after you have done the above steps.


One of the common error that you may encounter is the message: "License file exists. Cannot overwrite an existing file, licenses/LUMERICL/LicenseFile.lic, unless overwrite option is enabled"


When this happens, it means that you have license file with the same file name in the same location. Please verify whether the previous license is still valid or not.

If the previous license is still valid: You must rename your new license to a unique name. Please only use alphabets and numbers for the file name (e.g. LicenseFile2013.lic)

If the previous license has expired: You can manually remove them, or alternatively during the import process, select "Overwrite License File on License Server" to overwrite your previous license file.

Linux command line installation

To install the license file from the command line in Linux, please see the following instructions.

oOpen the terminal

oCopy the license file that you received and put it in the "licenses" folder

sudo cp /home/lumerical/Desktop/LicenseFile.lic /opt/lumerical/lumerical-flexlm/licenses/LUMERICL/

oChange owner of the license file to lumlmadmin so that the license manager is able to access it

sudo chown lumlmadmin /opt/lumerical/lumerical-flexlm/licenses/LUMERICL/LicenseFile.lic

oRestart your license manager so the changes could take effects

oPlease see the the Restart License Manager section to restart the Lumerical FlexNet License Manager

Product Installation

Please install the Product according to your Operating System from here: Installation Manual

Configure product license

1.Open Product Configure License utility of the design software that you would like to change.

Windows:   Start-> All Programs-> Lumerical-> <PRODUCT>-> Configure license

Linux:   /opt/lumerical/<PRODUCT>/bin/<PRODUCT>-config-license

Mac OS:   Applications/Lumerical/<PRODUCT>/License Configure


NOTE: Replace <Product> with the Lumerical Product you are using. i.e. FDTD, MODE, DEVICE or INTERCONNECT

2.Select the Floating tab and enter the Host Name or IP address of the computer where Lumerical FlexNet License Manager is installed.

3.If the FlexNet License Manager is installed on the same machine with the product then you can set the server name as "localhost".

4.If the Port of the FlexNet license manager was changed specify the new port number otherwise use Default option.



Note: We recommend that the client machine is located on the same subnet with the machine running the license manager.

License availability

Use the FlexNet license manager dashboard to view and check license availability.

Transferring the license

MAC locked licenses can not be transferred between computers. Please visit the Support Center for instructions to contact Lumerical technical support for assistance.


You may find additional useful information in the Advanced configuration chapter.

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