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User settings such as license configuration, resource configuration, last working directory, etc are saved in a local, user specific preference file (.ini).  Additionally, it is possible to save the license configuration settings in a system wide preference file that applies to all users of the computer.  This avoids the need for each user to configure the license.


If license configuration information is stored in both a local and system preferences file, the local settings will be used.

Editing the preference file to set license server information might be required for non graphical Linux installations.

In the vast majority of situations, there is no need to manually edit or remove the preference files.

It is not recommended to modify or remove these files unless specifically instructed in product documentation or by Lumerical Support.

Preference File Location

The following table specifies the location of the preference files.




C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Lumerical\[Lumerical Product].ini

C:\Program Files\Lumerical\FDTD\Lumerical\[Lumerical Product].ini


~/.config/Lumerical/[Lumerical Product].ini

INSTALL_DIR/Lumerical/[Lumerical Product].ini

Mac OS

/Users/[USERNAME]/.config/Lumerical/[Lumerical Product].ini

Not available on macOS

License configuration

Typically, users specify all licensing information with the License Configuration utility. However, in some situations such as non-graphical Linux installations, the configuration utility is not available and the license information must be manually specified. Use the following instructions to manually create a preference file with the  necessary licensing information.

1.Create the preference file directory. For example, to create a global preference file on Linux for Lumerical's software, create the following folders: ('Lumerical' folder is case sensitive)

omkdir /opt/lumerical/fdtd/Lumerical/

omkdir /opt/lumerical/mode/Lumerical/

omkdir /opt/lumerical/device/Lumerical/

omkdir /opt/lumerical/interconnect/Lumerical/

2.Create the preference file.  Depending on the product, the name will be: (file names are case sensitive)

oFDTD Solutions.ini

oMODE Solutions.ini

oLumerical DEVICE.ini


3.The file should contain the following three lines of text.  Replace [port value] with the port number (default is 27011) and [license server] with the HostName or IP address of the computer running the license server.




For example, the following screen shot shows a simple preference file where the license server name is "squall" and the port value is "27011".

screenshot .ini files

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