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Getting Started

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1. Self paced training courses


Courses offered at Lumerical University are designed to help users quickly learn our products. These free, self paced courses typically include sections on the solver physics, simulation work flows and common data analysis. If you only have a few minutes, we recommend reviewing the 'My First Simulation' section of the course.

FDTD Solutions

FDTD 100

MODE Solutions

FDE 100

EME 100

varFDTD 100


DGTD 100

HT 100

FEEM 100

CT 100


INT 100

Other courses

Scripting 100


2. Additional getting started examples

Work through these additional simple examples by following the provided step by step instructions.

fdtd-manual_zoom60FDTD Solutions

FDTD        Nanowire        Ring resonator        Photonic crystal cavity









mode-manual_zoom60MODE Solutions

FDE        Photonic crystal fiber        Plasmonic waveguide


varFDTD        Ring resonator


EME        Spot size converter






CHARGE        p-n juntion diode        Mach-Zehnder modulator


HEAT        Heat Flow in Solids        Ohmic Heating        Cooling and Heating        


DGTD        Mie Scattering


FEEM        SOI WG                Step index fiber        Mach-Zehnder modulator




S-Parameter Simulator        Ring resonator        Fabry-Perot resonator


Sample Mode, Block Mode        Transceiver










3. Application examples

apps_resource_zoom27[NEW] Application Gallery (apps)

The Application Gallery (apps) is the place to find application examples and project templates.

Community or Premium support contract required to access some examples.









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