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Returns the total spectral average power through a monitor surface, normalized to the total spectral average of the source. See the Units and normalization - Spectral averaging section for more information.



Tavg is the normalized total spectral average transmission

<P> is the total spectral average Poynting vector

dS is the surface normal


The normalization state (cwnorm or nonorm) does not affect the result because of the source power normalization.


Supported Product: FDTD, MODE




out = transmission_avg ("monitorname");

Returns the total spectral average transmission through monitorname. It must be obvious from the shape of the monitor which axis is normal to the monitor surface.

out = transmission_avg ("monitorname", option);

The additional argument, option, can have a value of 1 or 2. If it is 2, the data is unfolded where possible according to the symmetry or anti-symmetric boundaries if it comes from a monitor that intersect such a boundary at x min, y min or z min. The default value of option is 2.



Please refer to transmission and Spectral averaging - Usage


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