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Gets raw data from a parameter sweep/optimization/Monte Carlo analysis. In most cases, it is more convenient to get a complete dataset with getsweepresult, rather than getting individual data elements with getsweepdata.







Returns names of all sweep, optimization, and Monte Carlo analysis objects.


Returns all the names of the available data which is stored in the sweep, optimization, or Monte Carlo analysis object.

out = getsweepdata("sweep_name", "data");

Returns parameter sweep, optimization, or Monte Carlo analysis data.


The following data can be obtained from an optimization:

fomTrend - Figure of merit as a function of generation

fomHistory - Figure of merit history (for each generation there will be generation size number)

bestFom - Best figure of merit obtained during sweep

bestParameter - Parameter which corresponds to bestFom

paramHistory - Parameter history


For a parameter sweep and Monte Carlo analysis, this command returns both parameters and results.



This example shows how to get data from a parameter sweep. Please download the example file from the Parameter sweeps page Associate files.



th = getsweepdata(m,"thickness");         # get parameter from sweep

R = getsweepdata(m,"R");        # get result from sweep

plot(th*1e6,R,"thickness (microns)","Reflection");


> R

> T

> thickness 


This example shows how to access data from an optimization.




genVec = getsweepdata(m,"genVec");       # Generation vector (1D vector, Ng)

memberVec = getsweepdata(m,"memberVec");    # Generation member vector (1D vector, Nm)

fomTrend = getsweepdata(m,"fomTrend");     # Best of each generation, same as shown in Opt. GUI window (1D vector, Ng)

paramsTrend = getsweepdata(m,"paramsTrend");  # Parameters corresponding to FOM trend (3D matrix, 1 x Np x Ng)

bestFom = getsweepdata(m,"bestFom");      # Global best FOM

bestParams = getsweepdata(m,"bestParams");   # Parameters corresponding to global best FOM (1D vector, Np)

fomHistory = getsweepdata(m,"fomHistory");   # Every FOM calculated in optimization (2D maxtrix, Nm x Ng)

paramHistory = getsweepdata(m,"paramHistory"); # Every parameter set used in optimization (3D maxtrix, Np x Nm x Ng)


plot(genVec,fomTrend,"generation number","fom Trend","best FOM of each generation"); 

?"Best FOM: "+num2str(bestFom);

?"Best Params: "+num2str(bestParams);

?"Total number of simulations run: "+num2str(length(genVec)*length(memberVec));

image(memberVec,genVec,fomHistory,"member","generation","All FOM's obtained");


> genVec

> memberVec

> paramsTrend

> fomTrend

> paramHistory

> fomHistory

> bestParams

> bestFom

> Best FOM: 0.00187328

> Best Params: 5.96041e-008

> Total number of simulations run: 50


See Also

getdata, runsweep, havesweepdata, savedata, getsweepresult, savesweep, loadsweep

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