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Adds a new thermal material property to the selected material model or the selected solid alloy.  A material model (in the 'materials' folder) or a solid alloy thermal material property must be selected in the object tree for this script command to work. A solid alloy may not be created as a component of a solid alloy. To add a thermal material property from the electrothermal material database, see addmaterialproperties. For details of thermal material models, see Electrical/Thermal Material Models.


Supported Product: DEVICE





Adds a new thermal material property to the selected material model or the selected solid alloy.

The "property_type" argument can be one of the following:



"Solid Alloy"



This function does not return any data.



The following script commands will add a new material to the objects tree in DEVICE, and assign thermal property of fluid to it.





NOTE:  Once a material property is assigned to the material model the selection changes to the corresponding property.  Therefore the material model must be re-selected before adding a new property to it.


NOTE:  For a newly created alloy, when the first base material is added to the alloy, the second base material will also be the same material as the first. For example, the following lines will create a new alloy and assign the solid material "A" as both base material 1 and base material 2 for the alloy:




addhtmaterialproperty("Solid Alloy");





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