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Zemax Interop FDTD Example

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In this example, we show how to use the both Lumerical's Stack Optical Solver for planar OLEDs and FDTD Solutions for patterned OLEDs to generate a ray set that can be used to study the incoherent emission from a macroscopic device in Zemax OpticStudio. Note that in order to run the provided scripts, a Zemax OpticStudio Interoperability license will be required.



Planar OLED simulation with the Stack Optical Solver


The Lumerical simulation here is based on the multilayer OLED stack example used in optimizing far field emission of multilayer stack. The script OLED_planar_to_zemax_example.lsf will use the stackdipole script command to calculate the far field power density of the OLED stack for red, green and blue emission spectrums (see image below). This result is used to generate 3 raysets and saved into a format that can be imported into OpticStudio.



Patterned OLED simulation with FDTD Solutions


The Lumerical simulation here is based on the 3D OLED example used in 3D OLED with square symmetry. The file example_farfields_for_zemax_export.ldf contains the far field results for wavelengths 625nm (Red), 525nm (Green) and 420nm (Blue), which can be obtained by running the simulation files provided in the example. The far field plots are shown below.






The script OLED_patterned_to_zemax_example.lsf will generate the power per unit solid angle for each color from these far field distributions, and use this to generate 3 raysets and saved into a format that can be imported into OpticStudio.


Ray Tracing in OpticStudio


The OpticStudio simulation is based on the LED lamp example used in how to simulate an RGB LED using Zemax. For a demonstration on how to use the rayset from Lumerical's optical solvers in OpticStudio, please see the video below:



demo video

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