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Charge Transport (CHARGE)

The charge transport solver self-consistently solves Poisson’s equation and the drift-diffusion equations to model the steady-state and transient behavior of charge carriers (electrons and holes) in semiconductor devices such as solar cells, image sensors, photo-detectors and modulators.

Discontinuous Galerkin Time-Domain (DGTD)

The Discontinuous Galerkin Time-Domain (DGTD) algorithm solves the macroscopic Maxwell equations for isotropic, dispersive but non-magnetic materials.

Finite Element Eigenmode (FEEM)

The Finite Element Eigenmode (FEEM) solver calculates the modes or characteristic solutions of Maxwell’s equations over a 2D cross section of a uniform waveguide or fiber for a specified frequency. Unlike the FDE solver, it employs a finite element discretization.

Heat Transport (HEAT)

The heat transport solver evaluates the heat transport equation in solids, and can additionally include Joule heating from conductive electrical transport by self-consistently evaluating the DC current equation.

Stack Optical (STACK)

A set of script-based commands for computing the optical response of a multilayer stack analytically. Both plane wave and dipole excitations are supported.

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