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Visualizer and figure settings

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The settings control the overall type of plot and the labels applied to it. The plot settings can be further edited by clicking on the pencil icon on the top left corner of the plot window icon_edit_visualizer.


1D, 2D and 3D Figures

Simulation results can be visualized using 1D line, 2D surface and 3D vector field plots. These plots can be created from within the results visualizer ("plot in new window" button), or from the scripting language.









All plots support operation such as axis labels, zoom, export to JPG, etc. They all support the same zoom functionality as in the layout editor. Pressing the left mouse button to zooms in by a factor of two, the right button to zooms out by a factor of two, pressing and holding the left-hand mouse button results in a zoom window, and double-clicking either mouse button scales the plot to show all of the data. Some controls are slightly different for each type of plot (see more details in the next sections). For example, only the 3D vector plot provides controls for 3D rotation of the view; SHIFT key + mouse LEFT click allows pan view without 3D rotation. For image plots, the color map scale can be changed from color to grey, or red2blue.


The FILE menu contains an option to export the current figure to a JPG image file.

The SETTINGS menu contains options for setting the axes, colorbar limits, color map, labels, etc.


Visualizers for rectilinear data

In this section we describe the visualizer tools for data structured in a rectilinear grid.







Plot data redraw options: There are two options:

Hold plot settings: When enabled, the current settings (e.g. color bar limits) are applied to any data set (or slice of it) plotted in the visualizer.

Auto redraw: When enabled, the plot is refreshed automatically after any change in the settings or data set selection. If the option is disabled, it is necessary to click on the Redraw button to update the plot; this is particularly useful when visualizing large data sets.


EXPORT TO: Export figure to JPEG, text file or clipboard

PLOT IN NEW WINDOW: Open the plot in a new window


View options: Show/hide Attribute & Parameter panes


Visualizer for unstructured data

The visualizer for unstructured data is very similar to the one for rectilinear data described in the previous section. However, for unstructured data the only plot type available is surface and some toolbar buttons are not available. In addition, the visualizer settings are significantly different as described next.




Some of the visualizer settings are common to 2D and 3D simulation data. These are:


SHOW: Can be "surface", which will contain the values at each mesh point only, or "surface and mesh", which will superimpose in black the mesh grids on top of the plots, or "mesh only" which will only plot the mesh grid in color.

AXIS SCALE OPTIONS: Can be "square" which will make sure the two axis are plotted to the same size, or "equal" which will use the same scale for both such that the plot will be to scale.

LOG SCALE: Will plot the result on a log scale.

TITLE: The title of the plot can be specified.

X/Y/Z LABEL: The x, y and z labels for the plot can be specified.

COLOR BAR: The color bar limits can be specified and locked. Additionally, it is possible use a background and border for the color bar.


The specific options for 1D, 2D and 3D data are described below.




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