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Simulation Objects

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In this section, the simulations objects are documented. There are several types of simulation objects in DEVICE. These objects are used to model the physical structure, define the solver region, any sources of light or doping/generation regions as well as monitors to collect data. The following sections provide detailed descriptions of each simulation object. Each simulation object can be added by clicking on the corresponding icon in the GUI.







For example, in the screen shot on the right, clicking on the icon_strucs_circ button from the Structures section of the Design tab would add a circle physical structure object.






Once the object is selected, pressing the EDIT icon_edit button will bring up a window where it is possible to modify the properties of the simulation object. The corresponding window for the circle object is shown below.




TIP: In-field equation interpreter

The fields for numeric parameters can be used as a simple calculator. For instance, if you wish to set a value to the square root of 3 divided by e, just enter sqrt(3)/exp(1) into the field. For more information, see the Equation interpreter section.



Structure objects support Multi-object editing. If you select multiple objects then click EDIT, you can edit properties that are common to all of the selected objects.

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